About the founder – Gianluca Trombetta

I grew up with moderately severe hearing loss and have a background in technology.

I worked as a software developer and sysadmin for a few years but I now only specialise in product management.

In 2014, I helped the startup mimi.io build a smartphone based hearing test and hearing amplifier.

That experience in the industry thought me that change is possible even if it seems too hard. And that it’s easier with a group.

That’s why I started Hearing Hacks: to bring people who cared about hearing loss together, no matter their backgrounds.

This is a community site, I also run getsuperhumanhearing.com where I teach how to live a successful life with hearing loss.

If you want to get in touch, please drop me an email to gianluca.trombetta@gmail.com.

Hope you join us,