Frustrated With Your New Hearing Aids?

Here’s a Way to Get Comfortable And
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If you struggle to follow group conversations… because you don’t hear so well!

If you keep to yourself at social events… and you are afraid you’re going to look like an idiot when someone tells a joke and you laugh at it too late, or give a stupid or wrong answer… because you can’t hear!

If you’d like to stop, once and for all, having to ask “What?” over and over again… and stop frustrating your friends and family when they think you’re not listening… because you don’t hear them!

If you’d like to know how to…

Never Ever Have People Turn Away And Say
“Oh, Never Mind” To You Again…

… then this is the most important message you’re going to read today.

Dear New Hearing Aid User,

My name is Gianluca. I am an IT geek, a product manager, and I have had moderately severe hearing loss since I was two years old.

Years ago, I was in these exact same situations where I struggled to hear most of the time and was frustrated with my hearing aids.

You see, after many years of neglect, I finally came to terms with my disability. I admitted to myself that I was hard of hearing. I invested in a good quality hearing aid system, and thought (hoped!) that my problems would go away. Just like glasses – I’d put them on, and my hearing would be restored.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I discovered that that’s not the case. Hearing aids DON’T WORK like glasses. They made everything louder (which was frustrating and painful at times), and I still struggled to hear.

I had to wear those (not exactly pretty!) aids and I still felt limited in my hearing.

I’ve put myself in a lot of embarrassing situations because I didn’t want anybody to know I had a hearing problem. I’d grew my hair over the ears so that it would cover my hearing aids.

From the outside, I acted like everything was fine. But I wasn’t fine. I dreaded to show to people that I was hard of hearing because I didn’t want to be seen as stupid, dumb, or even ugly.

Every time someone said “oh never mind it wasn’t important anyway” I was hurt. It made me feel unworthy and small, like I was not important enough for them to repeat whatever was being said.

It took me years to figure out how to live successfully with my disability. Too many years, in fact.
I wish somebody taught me what I know now, and spared me many many embarrassing, hurtful, and frustrating situations.

I learned it all by myself – I overcame every obstacle that came my way and today I’m living a happy, stress free life.

But it shouldn’t take this long. I don’t see the reason why anyone should have to struggle for so long to overcome the hurdles with their first hearing aids and finally start enjoying life!

That’s why I created what I am about to share with you today…

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